The East West Church and Ministry Report has issued a special "theme" issue related to the impact of the Ukraine crisis on the church and missions in Ukraine and Russia.

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Introducing the East-West Church and Ministry Report

The East-West Church and Ministry Report is a 16-page quarterly print and email newsletter which began publication in 1993. It serves as a clearinghouse for information on church life and missions in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. The full text of all back issues more than one year old may be accessed at no charge from the EWC&M Report website ( Twenty issues from the years 2001, 2003-05, 2009-11, and 2014 have been translated into Russian and are also available at no charge on the EWC&M Report website.

The East-West Church and Ministry Report is covered by six indexing services and has been the recipient of five Awards of Merit from the U.S.-based Evangelical Press Association. A major goal of the EWC&M Report from its inception has been 1) to publish material from academic sources that can benefit the understanding and ministry of church leaders and missionaries in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe and 2) to publish material drawn from the experience of indigeneous Christians and  missionaries serving  in post-Soviet countries for the benefit of academics with an interest in religious life in the region.

About the Editor

Mark R. Elliott, founding editor of the EWC&M Report, holds a Ph.D. in modern European and Russian history from the University of Kentucky.

His academic career (1974-2009)  included 19 years in administrative positions as director of the Institute of East-West Christian Studies, Wheaton College (Wheaton, Illinois), and director of the Global Center, Samford University (Birmingham, Alabama). Dr. Elliott is the author of Pawns of Yalta: Soviet Refugees and America's Role in Their Repatriation (University of Illinois, 1982) and over 160 articles, primarily on church life and ministry in the former Soviet Union. In addition to editing the East-West Church and Ministry Report the past 22 years, he also has edited or co-edited five reference works dealing with Christianity in the former Soviet Union.


Professor Elliott and his East-West Church and Ministry Report are very attentive to believers and the church mission in the most difficult areas of the world. The Report is honest and open in its handling of all sharp problems concerning faith and church-state relations. There are no other so openhearted printed words.
Dr. Roman Lunkin, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, and director of the Institute of Religion and Law, Moscow, Russia  

Informative, thoughtful, indispensable reading for all who are concerned about the perils and possibilities of the church and its mission in post-communist Europe.
Dr. Peter Kuzmic, President, Evangelical Theological Seminary, Osijek, Croatia 

The East-West Church & Ministries Report informs the readers of the former Soviet Union so well that often we find information via this Report that should be available locally, but is not. 
Dr. Alexander Negrov, Former Rector, St. Petersburg Christian University, St. Petersburg, Russia